Laframboise Island Culture

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The country’s second smallest capitol, the only example of a state and capitol that doesn’t share any letters, Pierre, South Dakota. Pierre remains the capitol of South Dakota with interesting and exciting places to visit, including the Cultural Heritage Center, the Capitol building, and the Laframboise Island. Need a place to connect with people and grow closer to your family? Pierre’s the place to be. The Cultural Heritage Center stands near the Capitol building and it opened up in 1989 to preserve South Dakota’s cultures. It has outstanding exhibits on the native and post-Columbian history of the state. It begins with the Native American Tribes. It explains the life of a Native American surviving cold, harsh winter and hot humid summers. There are hand on activities including sailing a ship, and walking into a teepee to understand how one lives. Then it leads to the State’s history going into today’s century. This provides unique learning opportunities for all ages. Kids can make Native American art and learn -aged games. Adolescents can watch videos about our past and adults can read about what happened in our past. At the end of it all you can buy …show more content…

The Laframboise Island Nature Area is filled with trees and meadows, which is home to numerous species of birds. You guys are probably wondering who made up the word ‘Laframboise’. Joseph Laframboise built the island in 1804. Laframboise Island is also called “Bad Humor” island since Clark said, “I call this Island ‘bad humored’ Island as we were in a bad humor". The island’s landscape includes the water on all sides, native cottonwood trees, sand bars and animals including deer and birds. At this island you can picnic, bike, join water sports, fish, birdwatch, and winter activities. There are eight miles of trails to walk and explore with your family and

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