My Hero's Journey-Personal Narrative

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It was 10.30pm when all of us got together as one to start the jouney from the fort bus stand. We were excited when the bus started moving and couldn't wait to reach the destination. It was all misty on the way and all we knew is that we are going to have a great time. The bus driver didn't stop exactly where we wanted to get down. It took us approximately 5 hrs to reach the destination. We all had to walk another 5kms under the mid moonlight with all the heavy backpacks hanging around. That was the starting of the excitement and then the urge for more excitement grew when we entered the path to the rest zone of the trekking site. As we entered the rest zone we managed to keep the backpacks and took what was needed for the trek. It was 5.30am when we took the trail route to target site which was …show more content…

The first obstacle we faced was meeting the mighty leaches. They were feeding on our blood. We couldn't take them off as we were rushing towards our destination and start stuck enjoying the scenery above like classical portraitists hung in the art showroom. Greenery at its best and Sri lanka says it all. We felt like the soldiers marching up towards the battle zone. We had to cross the streams which were filled with marshy stones. It was all like a dream come true for us. Tasting the purest form of water from the water fall was just marvelous. The team was passionate and didn't give any sort of excuse to stop by for breaks. We had breaks but then we didn't stop for a long time. We sang song and marched vertically holding trees and gripping on stones. It was a win or hurt experience. We had to follow the tiny routes without falling apart from the cliff. We passed the pine forest and then headed more deeply towards the destination. I would say it was a million dollar experience. We had a but of injuries due to some miss timed jumps. Well, all of that was just forgotten when we got up to the

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