Why People Hike Up At Yosemite Falls

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There is a trip that not many do because of how many people who do not make it back from the hike. What people hike up is a waterfall is called Yosemite Falls and it is the tallest waterfall in California. So when my family and I go camping there we always talk about how we should try to hike it, but we never actually do because of how scared we are. One year though some of my family members and I decided to go to the top because of how much we have wanted to do it for so long. So what we did was we all went to bed early so we could wake up early. This hike is a long one the trip up and down if you walk fast can be about an eight-hour hike. We did not have that much experience hiking up anything this enormous besides a hike that was three miles …show more content…

Luckily, we all were all able to get up and not one was left behind. It was surprising that no one was left behind since my family is really bad with getting up on time. When we woke up it was six in the morning and we started get everything ready for the hike. We packed about two bottles of water and filled up an entire hydra pack which is about two liters of water. Once everything was packed, we started off to the bottom of the waterfall. We got there about seven and grouped up at the bottom of the trail. We circled up and started to pray for our trip up because we were nervous about the hike. Then, when we started our adventure. I started off with a dirt path that zig-zags up hill. It was not too hard in the beginning the hardest part was about an hour later when stairs came on the path. The stairs were made of stone and none of them were even. It was hard to keep balance on the path and it was burning our legs. We took the most brakes there stopping about every other four staircases. It was hard because more of us were even close to being in shape. So it was very hard for us continue to walking up the mountain. When we travelled, so I was not keeping track of how long we travelled, so when I came to a vertical hill I thought we made it to the top. I ran to the top and saw the most beautiful view. It turned out not to be the top of the waterfall and, instead it turned out to be the half way mark. It was still an amazing view to see because the sun was about in the middle of the sky and it hit the valley of Yosemite perfectly to where it made look like the perfect summer day. The sun was shining bright and the tree’s had the perfect shade of green on them and you could see the birds flying by. It was an amazing sight to see. We didn’t stay there long because we wanted to make sure we got to the top fast. We journeyed onward. The trip

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