Hiking Essays

  • My Hiking Experience

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    Kheerganga, and I had two more people with me, one was my batchmate and other one was a culinary student, we met on the way. XxX None of us had any experience in hiking and we were told it was an easy 2-hour walk. We started waking at about 12pm and by 2pm, when we had walked for two straight hours; we came to know that we

  • Personal Narrative: Hiking Camelback Mountain

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    Although it’s entertaining to stay indoors and play video games, eventually one finds the experience to lack excitement. This calls for going outside into the blistering desert and spend time at my favorite recreational place; Camelback Mountain. Hiking Camelback Mountain is rewarding, because of the feeling of accomplishment and happiness, and it’s an enjoyable way to hang out with friends while relaxing outdoors. To being with, reaching the top of Camelback Mountain is a rewarding experience

  • Blue Ridge Parkway National Park Essay

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    George Washington National Forest. The Parkway runs through the states of Virginia and North Carolina. There are also many things to do along the Blue Ridge Parkway, such as camping, hiking, and picnicking. There are also attractions to visit such as the Linn Cove Viaduct, Linville Falls and Mount Mitchell. The hiking trails range from 0.1 miles to 18.5 miles and are classified as low, moderate or strenuous difficulty. In total there

  • Outward Bound Research Paper

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    Nature’s Testing Grounds Outward bound is a camping expedition that features a seven-mile hike through the Appalachian Mountains. Myself along with several other students signed up to participate. The year was 2012,my tenth grade year. The only requirements were boots and the basic necessities (no electronics allowed). Little did I know Outward bound was going to be filled with excitement, pain and satisfaction. We started on a Monday early in the morning where we received our gear, which included

  • Review Of Women Of The Gold Rush: Annie Hall Strong By David Meissner

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    Four, three, two, one, mining gold is not much fun. My Gold Rush Adventure: For five days,I followed the trail of the gold rush” by David Meissner” ;``Women of the Gold Rush :Annie Hall Strong” by the National Park Service.” Both articles talk about hiking and what supplies one needs on the hike. One feels that traveling through the klondike was worth it during the gold rush because people got to experience what it was like for the gold miners. To begin with, Traveling through the klodike gave people

  • Ferne Clyffe Research Paper

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    A hiking trail is located on the mile long shoreline of the lake. Bank fishing is allowed, but boating and swimming is prohibited. Spectacular views of the lake can be seen from certain trails. Picnicking is an alternative if you are not interested in camping

  • Pit Pat: A Short Story Of A Pit Chief

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    Pit pat. The sound of rain was all Rob could hear. Rob was an archaeologist who was driving to British Columbia. Rob was looking for a lost staff. He stopped and pulled over to the side of the road. He was at the spot where you had to hike up the mountain. There was just one problem: there was no path. Rob realized he had to hike and cut his own path through the forest. Ten days passed and Rob was so tired. Then his water bottle rolled into a bush, so Rob crawled into the bush. Suddenly, his mouth

  • Personal Narrative: A Day At Camelback Mountain

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    not restrain me from backpacking Camelback Mountain. I’ve heard numberless intimidating stories about people dying as well as obtaining severe injuries, but that was not about to terrify me. Today was the day that I was going to overcome my fears by hiking one of the uttermost difficult mountains in Arizona, Camelback Mountain. On the drive there I was constantly contemplating with

  • Blood Mountain Trail Report

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    2,185 Miles Between “The Safe Choice” and Knowing Oneself. By Neva Warren At fourteen, I didn’t see anything standing between me and hiking the Appalachian Trail. At fifteen, I saw Mount Katahdin standing between me and completing the Appalachian Trail. Months earlier, I had hiked 3 miles of the Appalachian Trail while on vacation in Shenandoah park, and decided that I wanted to hike the 2,185 miles myself. I read books about the trail (like Bill Bryson’s “A Walk in the Woods” and Jennifer

  • A Walk In The Woods Rhetorical Devices

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    hike may seem like a fun adventure, but what would it be like to stay out there for 35 weeks straight, knowing that some of the most ferocious animals are nearby? In “A Walk in The Woods” by Bill Bryson, Bill examines the dangers and challenges of hiking the Appalachian Trail, which stretches 2,000 miles from Georgia to Maine. Along the way, Bryson encounters various obstacles and difficulties that force him to push his limits. Some of the things Bryson encounters range from animals to diseases to

  • Pikes Peak Persuasive Speech

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    “Fourteeners”. Pikes Peak offers amazing hiking experience with breathtaking views. When we visited Pikes Peak it was snowing and I and my husband were 1st visitor to reach at the entrance. We waited 20 mins because crew was clearing roads. But it was worth waiting. I would advise you to visit this place both in winter and summer. The view was incredible. Entrance gate at Pikes Peak There are plenty of activities which you can do like Picnicking, Fishing and Hiking. There are three lakes for fishing

  • Catalina Island Research Paper

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    toyon and others. Some native animals are bison, deer, and they have the most abalone in all of southern California. There are many wonderful things things to do at this wonderful camp. LOOK AT THE VIEW Big image ACTIVITIES Kayaking Snorkeling Hiking KAYAKING At Catalina there are many fun activities to do. One of them is kayaking. The camp will provide the needed equipment for this (such as life vest, kayak, and paddle). After getting taught a brief lesson on how to kayak for those who haven't

  • Personal Narrative: Jackie Robinson

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    “This ain't fun. But you watch me, I'll get it done.” This is quote was stated by Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson was the first African American Major League Baseball player. He also was the first African American to join the Baseball Hall of Fame. I believe he said this because he was derided for what he was doing, but he was not going to stop. The quote relates to my struggles backpacking 90 miles in New Mexico. Even though it may of been the most difficult thing I have done, I did not give up

  • Personal Narrative: The Paradox Of Choice

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    hike my dad and I also enjoyed bird watching, deer sighting and just appreciating nature. I do believe that hiking Warbler Woods with my dad constituted a leisure experience. In chapter one of the

  • Inca Trail Peru Research Paper

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    TITLE The Inca Trail, Peru: An Unforgettable Hike to Machu Picchu LEAD PARAGRAPH The Inca Trail in Peru is one of the world’s best loved hiking trails, not least because it leads to one of the seven wonders of the world - the incredible Machu Picchu. The Inca Trail is located on a mountain ridge above an area called the Sacred Valley, and is loved by walkers and non-walkers alike. It’s a 26 mile (41 km) walk, usually consisting of around 10 hours per day, taking 4 days and 3 nights of camping

  • Hike In Hong Kong Essay

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    OVERVIEW Hiking is considered to be a very popular leisure activity in Hong Kong as it provides the people with an opportunity to get closer to mother nature and experience serenity and tranquility by escaping the bustling city life. Going for a hike enables one to connect with the elements of nature such as the flora and fauna in their native state. The city's enthusiasm towards this activity can be proven by the fact that several famous local hiking events attract thousands of individuals to participate

  • Personal Narrative: Into The Wild

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    Wild. The story of Chris McCandless reconnecting with nature and going out on his own was profound to me. My mom was an avid hiker when she was younger and even climbed Mount Olympus, but as she’s gotten older and kids and life have taken over hiking hasn’t been much of priority. After the movie ended I told her I wanted to go on a short backpacking trip by myself before I had to go back to school and immediately my ten year old sister wanted to come with me. I agreed and we spent the next twenty

  • Personal Narrative: Mason Valley Trail

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    “Get in the car.” I yelled at my sister as she lagged behind pretending to be in her own world. I thought of all the times in the last hour and a half that I had yelled at my sister. I only did it because she annoyed me and really gets on my nerves. I thought back to when Mr. Zimmerman said we had to go on a hike. I sat at my desk thinking “Great I have to on a hike with my mom and little sister.” I didn’t like going on hikes with them because it was not very fun. Well I had to do it so I did. We

  • Descriptive Essay: The Beauty Of North Carolina

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    North Carolinas Mountain regions lay in the Western area of North Carolina. It is home to many tourist attractions to go hiking, site seeing, and much more. The mountain region of North Carolina gets the most of the snow out of the other two. But you would be surprised that spring time in the mountains can experience heat waves of 90 degrees regularly. It is a beautiful time

  • Why People Hike Up At Yosemite Falls

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    how much we have wanted to do it for so long. So what we did was we all went to bed early so we could wake up early. This hike is a long one the trip up and down if you walk fast can be about an eight-hour hike. We did not have that much experience hiking up anything this enormous besides a hike that was three miles