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- “In Europe there are mixed opinions, some people are scared specifically of young men like you, who are travelling alone. There are a lot of people who say … you are coming to do problems in Europe, they are generally afraid of you,” Al Jazeera Journalist, Hoda Abdel-Hamid, asked a 27-year-old Iraqi refugee to response.

- “I don’t think someone who travels all this way here, risking his own life, comes to cause problems. [He] is going to a country that recognizes his identity, humanity, his life and makes him feel he is a human being with rights.

In our countries, rights were lost in the war. Humanity is lost. There are killings, beheadings, stealing, bribery, embezzlement of public money, nothing is left.

We are looking for a country where there is a law that protects us, in order to live normal lives like anyone else in that country.”

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There are many things we need to learn based on the asylum they give us. We are obliged [to learn]. There is no option. We have to start learning the culture and laws.

I wish these laws apply to us not only in Europe but in the whole world. I wish for such laws to be followed in our countries instead of the old traditional tribal laws.”

- “So, what do you say to those who think that you will arrive in Europe and you will impose your traditions on them?”

- “We are here to help and participate in their societies. We will give them the knowledge we have from our countries and add to theirs. I hope this happens and they understand us, instead of them thinking that we have come to force our values on them. We are just looking for safety and law. They are the people of the land and they are our generous

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