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My Michigan Hero Everyone likes superheroes, right? They all wear awesome costumes and have special powers, but not all superheroes are that obvious. David Newman is in eighth grade and is a living, real superhero. To people who don’t know his story, they see him as a normal boy. David was hit by a car in March 2015 and came back to school in the fall. He inspired our town to do remarkable things and truly brought our town together. Therefore, David doesn’t need to wear a superhero cape because I already know he is a hero. Not long ago in March 2015, a tragedy happened to David Newman. It almost seemed to be an ideal day, at first. Not until we heard the news about the mishap. Hearing the news that David was hit by a car made me feel like I was paper being shredded and yanked in half over and over again. The impact on our school was similar, too. The school was in a state of distress. No one chatted, teased, or even dared to dawdle around like the average seventh graders do. The cafeteria was as quiet as the dead of night. If you listened you could hear the pinger and patter of water dripping on the third floor. Quiet, quiet… it was quiet all day long. No noise. Our brains were twisted up into giant knots. Our hallways were filled with us walking around in a daze and bewilderment. We were like zombies strolling in a graveyard. …show more content…

He was hit by a car in March, but came back to school in the fall. He not only showed the whole town that we can help and make a difference, but helped us be thankful in life. The fact that a person can have that happen to them is one in a million chances. The way Marshall handled this mishap was amazing. In saying this, you don’t need to know David that good to know that he is a proper hero. He doesn’t need to have up-to-minute costumes or zapping sound effects. He showed me I can help and I can make a difference in someone 's

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