Coming Of Age In Montana 1948 By Larry Watson

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Montana 1948 by Larry Watson is a novel that describes the life of 12 year old David Hayden and the conflicts which are deeply rooted in his family. The book continuously shows the unhealthy relationship between whites and Native Americans during this time period. There are various different themes in this novel, including racism and family loyalty v. justice. The major theme and the most important theme is the growth and coming of age of David Hayden. The events that occurred during the summer of 1948, in Montana stripped David of his innocence and unawareness of being a child. Therefore, in various ways the novel is depicting a coming of age narrative. At only 12 years old David was exposed and became more aware of sexual activities. David completely had knowledge of and understood the inappropriate sexual acts which his uncle, Frank performed. This element ultimately made David grow up, he was an eye witness to many family conflicts. He wasn’t naive, as many children his age are. David also became exposed to the evil, vile, and malice actions of other humans. Most children his age believe that their uncles or grandparents can do no wrong or they’re …show more content…

David began to witness the conflict between his father and grandfather. David became aware of how his grandfather undermined and disrespected his father. David’s grandfather was not supportive of Wesley’s decision to arrest Frank and disregarded Wesley’s ability as a sheriff “Then why have you got him locked up here and not over at the jail? This is your brother here. My son!” (108). As Wesley attempted to tell his father the evidence which he found, it was clear that his father had little to no respect for him or his abilities. “There’s cause, I’ve done some investigating Dad.” “You- investigating? (111). At only 12 years old David was beginning to realize that his family was extremely

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