The Chrysalids Fear Analysis

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Fear, it is the unpleasant emotion caused by the beliefs that is dangerous. Generally, one would have fear when they are in trouble or in need. In the Chrysalids, written in 1955, by John Wyndham the sense of fear gradually increases. Throughout the book, fear was definitely one of the big themes this was mainly shown when Mrs. Wender does all she can to protect her child, the fear of being different in their community and the fear of going somewhere unsafe. At a young age David’s family had a reputation to uphold, his family’s very religious being wealthy in their community. David as being part of the Strorm family clearly knew all the rules by heart. When he encountered Sophie and saw her foot he was curious about it because he’s never …show more content…

Many people people from Waknuk think that the Fringes are a frightful place so they do not dare to enter. According to the people from Waknuk the people from the Fringes are people that were made by the devil and very evil in the eyes of God At a young age there were stories told by the community of Waknuk to frighten or distinguish how terrible it is to be in the Fringes such as Old Maggie is a frightful old women who hurts people if they're being bad and Hairy Jack was another character described as someone who would take kids into his cave and eat them. “ Nowadays, however, it was not only small children who lived in nervous awareness of the Fringes people not so far away” (21). David, Rosalind and Petra having the ability to produce thought shapes are therefore forced to run away from Waknuk because it is no longer safe for them to live there. This presents that David, Rosalind and Petra feared going to the Fringes because of what they have been told all their life about it. Even though, the Chrysalids certainly demonstrates the love towards a family and how deep it is, how important the friendship and loyalty of the people that care about you the most is and always protection them. But mainly, throughout the book, fear was definitely one of

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