Rising To New Heights With Zebulon Pike

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Rising to New Heights with Zebulon Pike
It was the summer 1806 when Zebulon Pike set out with a caravan of men to explore a portion of the Louisiana Purchase. His counterparts, Lewis and Clarke were busy in another section of this land, but President Jefferson had entrusted the southwestern section of the region to Pike.
The intended goal of the men who left with Pike was that the entire exploration would take them about six months. Much to their surprise, they were just wrapping things up two years later. Pike is considered to be the first "American" to visit the state of Colorado. Many of the towns along his route actually owe their existence to this man and his efforts at mapping out the new land.
Pike 's Travels
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During the course of his travels, Pike traveled through many modern day states. He eventually made his way through Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas and Missouri. His time in Mexico allowed him to travel through the modern Mexican states of Chihuahua and Coahuila. However, one of his most significant finds came early on in the expedition.
Pike 's Peak
It took four months for the group to reach Pike 's Peak and they reached it in November of 1806, which was later named for the explorer. When they finally did reach it, they were met with waist deep snow and a lack of food. They were also clothed in summer clothes, which meant reaching the top of the summit was likely impossible.
For years, it has been believed that Pike didn 't believe that one could reach the top. However, recent studies show that he actually believed that the top was conquerable. He was just wise enough to realize that he and his men were not equipped to accomplish this task.
Unfortunately, Pike didn 't live very long after his expedition had concluded. He died just six short years later during the War of 1812. While he maintained journals throughout the expedition, these documents were actually confiscated by the Spanish when he was captured. It wasn 't until 1900 that they were recovered and the true efforts of his exploration

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