Zebulon Pike

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The national road:
The historic national road was named an Ohio scenic byway in 2000 and an all American national scenic byway in 2002.George Washington said “settling the west will fulfill the first and greatest commandment, increase, and multiply.” Thomas Jefferson led congress to fund the first interstate highway in 1806. 800 miles Cumberland, MD to Vandalia.IL 60 to 70 miles per day. Mile markers show the way.it is estimated there was one Traven for every mile of road. A wagon station was less expensive and similar to a modern day truck stop. A stage coach tavern was more expensive and served the most affluent travelers. The business grew in towns on the road. A Traven, an inn, and now a museum. For 95 years, this covered bridge crossed …show more content…

His middle name is Montgomery in honor of the war hero, Richard Montgomery. When Zebulon was 14 his father became commander of fort Washington near the Ohio river.in 1801, Zebulon married Clarisa Harley brown.in 1803, president Jefferson bought the Louisiana territory from France. In 1805, general James Wilkinson ordered Zebulon to find the source of the Mississippi river and take notes of the native Americans. Zebulon pike tried climbing the 14,168-foot-tall mountain, now named after him (pikes peak). Zebulon and his men were captured by Spanish authorities thinking they were spies. They were taken to Santa Fe and then to Chihuahua. They were released under protest. Zebulon died on April 27th,1813 when the British blew up its ammunition. He was buried at York, upper …show more content…

Leopard American frigate US Chesapeake. British captain attempts to arrest deserters on the Chesapeake. The Chesapeake’s commodore refused to allow the British to board. The leopard opened fire, killing 3 men and injuring 18 more. The British removed 4 men. The American public was outraged some called for war. American government demanded an apology and return of the sailors. Jefferson ordered all British ships out of American waters. Jefferson wanted to avoid war and ordered an embargo. American industries suffered from the embargo. The Chesapeake leopard affair was a contributing factor to the war 5 years later between the united states and Britain. That was the war of

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