Moya Lloyd's 'Performativity, Parody And Politics'

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In this essay I will critically unpack the social construction and related group and self-perception of the black female body in the context of our current global society. I will do this by first talking about the theoretical framework of Moya Lloyd’s article called “Performativity, Parody and Politics” and talk about what gender is all about, then I will move on to Susie Orbach theory and talk about the messages she has written in her books on how we are bombarded by the Westren ideals and how this affects the appearance of the black female body. Finally I will discuss two current examples in the media on how black female body is looked upon.

Moya Lloyd’s article called “Performativity, Parody and Politics” is about how she explores different issues regarding how gender is viewed through thinking and subjectivity, that from the day we enter the world we are given a gender that will control the way we express our identity and throughout our entire lives we continue to be generalised in a number of different ways. Lloyd also talks about how there is no ontological status attached to the gendered self besides the acts which compose it. The only thing that constitutes the illusion of an abiding gendered self are the styles, bodily gestures and movements. Throughout her article she explores different issues that are thought to be very critical with regard to Judith Bulter’s works in which it explains how gender is comprehended discursively . The article helps explore
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