Analysis Of Moya Lloyd's Performativity, Parody

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In this essay I will critically unpack the social construction and related group and self-perception of the black female body in the context of our current global society. I will do this by first talking about the theoretical framework of Moya Lloyd’s article called “Performativity, Parody and Politics” and talk about what gender is all about, then I will move on to Susie Orbach theory and talk about the messages she has written in her books on how we are bombarded by the Westren ideals and how this affects the appearance of the black female body. Finally I will discuss two current examples in the media on how black female body is looked upon.

Moya Lloyd’s article called “Performativity, Parody and Politics” is about how she explores …show more content…

Orbach comments on many ways in which Western culture straight away get the idea that because a women is overweight she has to be unhappy, unintelligent and unloved. (Orbach, 2006, p.199) Orbach states that the reason for this is because society has bombardment us with insane beauty ideals that are shown in every picture with it being from an advert, magazine, films and tv shows that Equate the beautiful and thin women are …show more content…

She explains that it is not easy for black women to deal with their hair, she states that all Black women asked them selves a question irrespective of skin tone, hair type and socio-economic class, the question being “What am I going to do with my hair?” The black hair always needs to be thought about and isn 't as easy as it is for white hair. There is a sociocultural affect on the way black women view their hair that effect them greatly, most these black women put hectic chemicals in their hair to try make it more straight so that they can be viewed as beautiful as they compare themselves to the media and the beauty

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