Society Beauty Standards

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Society 's Beauty Standards Hawkins (2017) stated that the definition of beauty has been shaped by society 's standards instead of what people actually look like. It signifies that the society sets up expectations of how we define beauty by manipulating beliefs of people to recognize that body shape, skin color, race, ethnicity, or anglicized features are what makes a person distinguish their beauty instead of what people actually look like in reality. This makes people believe that the beauty that they see, especially in films, is something that they need to attain in order to be considered as attractive. Unrealistic beauty standards affects physical and mental health Vitelli (2013) stated that content analysis of female characters …show more content…

According to the Straight/Curve website, about 70% of teenagers think that the ideal body type can be found in fashion magazines, while only 5% of women naturally look that way and about 91% of women diet to achieve what they feel is the perfect body size. Influence of mainstream media on the beauty standards Johnson (2016) stated that from television shows to commercials to magazine advertisements to celebrity culture, mainstream media has a big influence on how we understand beauty. That 's why media including films, spend money in order to cast for good-looking actors and actresses to trick people into setting up their belief on what beauty standard should be expected. Female characters in Hollywood films Films have the power that moves far beyond pure entertainment. In particular, they can sway our collective imagination and influence our perceptions on crucial issues related to race, class, gender, etc., but the extent to which they reflect real-world situations is bleak, particularly in regards to women. The female characters in films ‘reflect and perpetuate the status and options of women in today 's society ' and play an active part in creating female role models (Kord, …show more content…

This contains and includes the briefing about the details and justification of the variables used and identified for the study. Reasoned Action Theory is supported by Martin Fishbein and Icek Ajzen 's. To illustrate, this model has the origin in the social psychology field that defines the two elements which are attitudes and norms, that are used to predict behavioral intent. This model states that an individual 's behavior is determined by his or her intentions in performing it. This theory summarizes equations, that the attitude along with subjective norms is equal and same to

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