The Rejected Morath Summary

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The Rejected
Think back to the list of women that are taught in the public school system; it is not a long or diverse list of individuals. This is part of the Jason Porath’s idea behind Rejected Princesses, to expand the list. Telling stories of women too awesome, awful, or offbeat for kids’ movies. During his lecture, Jason Porath uses these women’s stories to explain the current status of the movie industry, as well as just to tell these crazy, amazing stories of these women’s lives.
Jason Porath started out working for DreamWorks, he is an ex-employ now, as a physics programming. He worked on movies such as Kung Fu Panda 2 and The Croods. The idea for Rejected Princesses came from kicking around ideas, with his co-workers, for the worst …show more content…

Talking about the other half of these women’s stories that are not told in the school setting. Take Ida B. Wells, for instance, if taught at all it is for her refusal to vacate her train seat in 1884 (a good 71 years before Rosa Parks). However, most teachers leave out that her most significant achievements, which were in anti-lynching journalism. Ida B. Wells exposed lynching for what it actually was, a practice where people could be tickets to shot a tied up men in an opera house (Ida). Ida B. Wells and the horrors of lynching are left out of schools, even though this is a story worth telling. Another woman that most can recall from their school days is Harriet Tubman. Well, she is not on the Rejected Princesses website, she was talked about as an example of untold stories. Students are told of her heroic work on the Underground Railway, but one story that is not taught shows the true character of this great women. Once on the way back to the North, Tubman knocked out her own tooth with her revolver. She did this because she did not want to endanger the mission by being in pain. It is amazing that while these women are taught to students only half of their stories get

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