Mr Dolphus Raymond Character Analysis

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“Courage is not the absence of fear but the acquired ability to move beyond fear” (-Unknown). Courage is a person who steps up to do something they don’t want to regardless of what other people think of them. In Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird the novel highlights themes such as, racial injustice, improper judgement, thinking in other perspectives and lots of courageous acts through the use of her many characters. Atticus is a character of courage in a way he steps up to defend an black man,Tom Robinson, in a tough case. But there is another character who goes by the name of Mr. Dolphus Raymond who showed more courage because he, a white man, married a black woman at the time of racial injustice when not all whites respected blacks. Atticus tells Jem, “ see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand.” (Lee 112) In this novel Harper Lee chose to define courage as a person who has the strength to do something that they are either afraid of or know others may not accept it courage is mistaken for a heroic figure. Mr. Dolphus Raymond is courageous because of his beliefs, actions, and words. …show more content…

Dolphus Raymond shows courage through his beliefs of racial equality and how you should follow your instincts when it comes to love, skin color doesn’t matter. Courage is shown through his actions of marrying a black woman knowing he will be judged, but still doesn’t care. The words Dolphus has told to the children about our society not being caught up with the things as much as he has and keeping an optimistic view of the future knowing we will someday be at a state or racial equality, also show courage.Throughout this novel, Harper Lee proved courage isn’t that heroic figure who holds that gun in his hand but also someone who is self-less. Courageous people will conquer their fears beyond others judgements and negative

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