Mr Tom In Good Night

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Have you ever felt abandoned? If so, you have something in common with the main character, Willie, in Good Night, Mr. Tom. On the verge of World War 2, Willie leaves his abusive mother and heads to the English countryside where he stays with Mr. Tom, a kind, old man. In Good Night, Mr. Tom, Michelle Magorian references abuse to strengthen the love and trust between Mr. Tom and Willie. Michelle Magorian acknowledges Willie’s abusive home life to increase the love between Mr. Tom and Willie. Mr. Tom sees that Willie was abused at home and he decides to care for him with love, respect, and special attention. “So this was what a birthday party was like. He had heard people at school talking about them. He looked towards Tom for help.” Willie had never celebrated his birthday when he lived with his mom, so he felt very surprised and loved when Mr. Tom took the time to plan and put together a surprise birthday party. “They choked out their goodbyes, waving to each other till the train and platform were out of each other 's sight.” When Willie had to go back…show more content…
Tom and Willie in Good Night, Mr. Tom. Michelle Magorian uses the abusive past of Willie to expand the trust and communication between these two characters. “Willie blushed and clung to the top of the blankets. ‘Never mind about them sheets and jarmers. I got a tub of hot water waitin’ for them downstairs.’” Willie can trust that Mr. Tom won’t judge him since he had wet the bed and Mr. Tom didn’t say anything or get mad at him. Willie thought it was a sin to wet the bed because his mom had told him that. “‘Got to start diggin ' a trench fer the Anderson shelter this afternoon. That 'll put muscles on you.’” Mr. Tom trusts Willie enough to let him help with the Anderson shelter. He wants Willie to get some muscles on him because he was so scrawny from not getting enough food from his mom. Building the love and trust between Mr. Tom and Willie leads to a stronger relationship between
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