Mu Lee Case Study

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BBC presenter Iain Lee left his radio show after a heated on-air conversation in which he called a Christian lawyer a bigot.
On Nov. 3, Iain Lee was interviewing anti-LGBT conservative group Christian Concern’s lawyer Libby Powell on-air during the BBC Three Counties Radio show when the issue of homosexuality came up. In the middle of their debate, Lee accused the lawyer of being bigoted and left the show afterwards, according to the BBC.
The topic of their discussion was Christian minister Barry Trayhorn who was jailed for referencing Biblical verses during a service. The verses he quoted were seen as homophobic. Powell was explaining the message of repentance presented in the Bible and mentioned that homosexuality is a sin. Lee then replied by saying being homophobic is tantamount to bigotry, the Daily Mail reports.
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“There 's a reason that a lot of people don 't like Christianity, because they perceive it as bigoted, outdated and homophobic,” the Mail quotes Lee’s statement to Powell. “And people like you propagate that, and that breaks my heart.”
After the show, the BBC issued an apology for the offense caused by the recent episode. Lee also apologized later and said the conversation was “at several points inappropriate,” but he posted a statement on Twitter telling his followers to unfollow him if they think gays are sinners, the report relays.
Co-presenter Iain Dale posted a Twitter statement saying the BBC treated Lee in a disgraceful manner. He said Lee was only pointing out a truth, and his message also made it appear that the BBC had sacked his co-host.
It is still unclear if BBC fired Iain Lee or if the radio presenter left on his own. The news organization only said the former BBC Three Counties Radio host will no longer present his shows on the station and wished him well in his future
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