Much Ado About Nothing Love Analysis

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Love in Much Ado about Nothing William Shakespeare presents love very differently in his play, Much Ado about Nothing. There is paternal, philia, innocent and romantic relationships; all that are key in the plot of the story. In 1 Corinthians 13:4-5, love is described to be and not to be many things; however, two descriptions really connected to Much Ado about Nothing. Leonato’s paternal love for Hero proves itself to not be lovable because of the biblical definition of the emotion; in fact, one of the only true loves, in my opinion, that Hero experiences is her philia with her cousin Beatrice. Leonato’s fatherly love for Hero seems to be proud and purely seeking the best for his child; however, this desire grows prideful and selfish. Hero, …show more content…

The love this couple shared was, in my opinion, the only true love in the entire play. The cousins, who are best friends, wish only happiness on the other. Meaning, they want what is best for each other. Hero, who finally gains a fiancé, wishes the same fate for her cousin; so she goes along with Don Pedro’s manipulating scheme and plans to convince Beatrice that she is in love with Benedick. The largest example of their philia love, is Beatrice’s response to Hero’s public humiliation. “I love you with so much of my heart that none is left to protest. Benedick- Come, bid me do anything for thee. Beatrice- Kill Claudio.” (IV.I) She loves Hero so much, that she would wish the man who hurt her to be dead. She isn’t even positive that Hero didn’t cheat on Claudio, but she still doesn’t care. This friendship follows the biblical definition of love, that “love keeps no record of wrongs”. Beatrice and Hero’s love was pure and it remains as one of the only correct forms of love in the play, illustrating that friendship can be stronger than any form of

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