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deplorable life of an untouchable would be to convert to Christianity. By putting his faith into God and accepting that Jesus died for all the sins of mankind, Bakha would come to know that all humans were equal in God’s eyes as they were all created of Him. Forsaking Hinduism and converting to Christianity would do away with the religious constraint of the caste system. In another novel ‘Coolie’ the condition of Munoo’s condition in Coolie is only of a victim of the class system. Munoo’s life is a nightmare; poverty, oppression, hunger and exploitation are given to him by his parents. He receives a little help and relief in his life from people like Prabha Dayal’s wife whose care contributes to some of the happy moments of his life. But all…show more content…
Munoo is made to bear all sorts of mental and physical anguish. He even live among the slum dwellers in subhuman conditions. He becomes the helpless victim who faces exploitation everywhere. Among the Indian characters Daya Ram is the first one who can held as a precursor of Munoo’s miseries. He himself becomes the victim of the feudal exploitation when his elder brother loses land. But even his own experience does not turn him to be good towards his own nephew and greed for money take a toll on his mind and makes him exploit his own teenage nephew. Munnoo’s earned monthly wages are so lucrative that even a sign of sympathy could not be seen on his face for him and he wants more and more money to be earned by him. Babu Nathu Ram who is typical lower middle class person was the second person who could be charged for Munnoo’s ill fate. Nathu Ram’s ill treatment is also backed by his merciless wife Uttam Kaur or Biwiji. She becomes the epitome of exploitation in oppressing her teenage servant to show her superiority. She makes his life hell and because of her orthodox mind set. For her Munnoo was not at all a human he was something to be hated all the time. The third phase of Munoo’s life is dominanted by Ganpat for Munoo’s miserable condition in the third phase of Munoo’s life. Right from the beginning, he shows his cruel nature by abusing Munoo as ‘Seducer of his…show more content…
He has a soft comer form him as he also comes to city from hills and similarly worked hard to make his fortune. He is a sensitive person by heart and has not forgotten his past as a coolie. He sympathizes with his servants. But unfortunately he is ruined by his own partner’s deceitful conduct. He is an honest man and to repay his debts, he sells all his property. Ratan can be called a significant character of the Bombay phase. In spite of his being a wrestler He is a very kind hearted person. Though he works as a coolie he does not lose his self-respect. He is the Robinhood for the people who are exploited by the society. But as they destiny decides, he could not meet the expectation of He falls short of the moral standards set by employers. He has the courage to raise his voice against the foreman who exploit the coolies. He instigates a ray of hope for future in Munnoo’s life. He was the precursor; the one who put the seed of protest in the minds of workers. He inspired his co-workers to raise their voice against

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