Mustapha Mond In Brave New World Essay

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The authority of Mustapha Mond is established by Huxley’s description of his role in the World State. Residing in Western Europe, Mustapha Mond is one of the ten World Controllers. As a ruler, Mond gains credibility. If someone is a ruler, it is because they are educated enough to guide society. This is evident in Mond’s dialogue. For example, “Ending is better than mending. The more stitches, the less riches.” The reader can predict that Mond is wise since he gives advice to the public on how one should act. Initially, the reader will believe that Mond knows what is best for the World State because he defends the motto of “Community, Identity, and Stability.” In order to create the plot, Huxley introduces Mustapha Mond as an element of credibility. …show more content…

Huxley was a satirical person, so the reader can connect directly with the author’s words and feelings. Things that are seen in today’s society and society during Huxley’s life are mocked in the novel. An example used throughout the book is Huxley’s new religion of the World State. Sex and religion are combined to create a new religion that does not worship God, but Ford, as in Henry Ford. Through sexual group acts, called “Orgy-Porgy,” Ford is praised. Keeping in mind the satirical tone, Huxley enhances the plot of the story by integrating a serious mood to emphasize ironic events. Dialogue between characters highlight the satire, for example, “‘All men are physio-chemically equal,’ said Henry sententiously. ‘Besides, even Epsilons perform indispensable services.’” Huxley twisted what the Declaration of Independence says about “all men are created equal.” The title of the book is another example of Huxley’s usage of satirical elements. The title, Brave New World, is from Shakespeare’s poem The Tempest and it connotes the hope for a world that will turn into a better one. Huxley’s satirical tone alludes to the stupidity society will lead into if it does not change its

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