My Defining Moment Essay

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I still remember the day; it was the hardest workout. Sweat dripping, hard breathing, low energy but nothing was stopping me, my dedication was stronger than any other force that would stop me and reaching my goal was the only thing on my mind. I knew I will lose my weight and reach my goal. I worked out for 6 months, 7 days a week nonstop. With all dedication and work ethic, I kept going until I reached my goal. The moment that shaped me in my life and had a positive impact on me was me losing weight and getting into a healthy life style. I wanted to lose my weight and get healthy because running a mile or doing intense physical activity, I would get tired and it was a hard task to perform compare to all my peers so I was tired of getting tired so quickly. Something had to be done about it and action was necessary regardless of any circumstances. So I started a program for working out by myself every day, I told myself no matter what, I have to work out and make it a daily routine in my life just like…show more content…
I started looking for new workout plans and that’s when I found t25. It was a high intensity workout for 25 minutes every day but it was short interval high cardio with less intensity rest in the middle so this would affect your body and metabolism, leave a after burn affect which will result in you keep losing fat even after the workout because of the intensity. This program was for 3 months too so I started it and started the diet guide that comes with it. In the beginning one pushup was hard but nothing is impossible so in time everything improved, 1 turn to 5 and progress was happening and results were crazy. My running time was decreasing too. And as time passed results were showing and the workout was getting harder. Cardio was not easy and my stamina was not good but that didn’t stop me and I got better. Like everything, hard work payoff and my workout did
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