Personal Narrative: How My Love Changed My Life

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A solar eclipse happened to fall around the one-year anniversary of my relationship ending. When it came to my love story, the sun had gone out long ago. To mark the occasion, I ran through Toronto 's High Park trying to avoid couples entangled on the lawn drinking Champagne. They were thrilled for the chance to witness celestial magic. I was considering where chasing magic has gotten me. Love, it turns out, is something you should avoid looking at directly. Working, writing and seeking out beauty and good people have helped me feel better. But, after more than a year on my own, I wish could go back in time to give my 20-year-old self a reality check. Had I started in a different place, maybe I wouldn 't have needed to shield myself from romance…show more content…
It is easy to get lost in the space between what we think life should be and what is actually possible. I am heartbroken that, despite doing many things right, I can 't protect anyone from the hardships of life. The people I love are vulnerable. I am too. Life is a speeding train. I 've been using every ounce of energy I have to try to change its direction. I have learned this year that choice is wasted effort. Buddhists recommend we avoid attachment and live in the present moment. They say we should consider the bigger picture so we can see life for what it is. These choices should, in theory, help us connect to the world around us with compassion. Putting these ideals into practice takes a lifetime and probably more meditation than I can pull off. After all, I can barely manage to stay off my phone many days. But, still, worth a try. My brother did remind me that despite the drama of our experience in North America we are fortunate. It wouldn 't hurt to stop trying so hard to control the world around us. I 've come to understand that there is little about life that is neat and tidy. I should stop waiting for the perfect outcome. I can 't write the ending to my story after all. It is what it

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