My Papas Waltz Analysis

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“My Papas Waltz” Child abuse and playing are complete opposites. “My Papas Waltz” is written two display both. “My Papas Waltz” is a famous poem by Theodore Roethke about a child and his father in the kitchen. It can be interpreted as abusive or playful. Reading the poem, the first time through it appears to be abusive. The imagery of “My Papas Waltz” can clearly be understood as a father waltzing with his son in the kitchen, tapping the beat too his son’s head, and his ear scraping his buckle against his child’s ear. The poem is playful when the poem says, “At every step you missed/ My right ear scraped a buckle” (Roethke lines 11-12). The lines can be interpreted as a dad whipping a kid with a belt, but that is not what the author intended

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