Mycenaean Religion: Demeter, The Goddess Of Earth

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(pg 99) Under the Mycenaeans religion, Demeter she was the Goddess of the Earth deemed the Goddess of Grain. She taught mortals how to plants, raise, and harvest corn, wheat, and barley. Her daughter Persephone, was the Goddess of the Underworld and Goddess of Earth. Where she lived determined the seasons. If Persephone was on earth, her mother was overjoyed that she was reunited with her daughter and her happiness allowed seeds to sprout and crops to grow. This represented the harvesting season, but when she was forced to returned to her husband, Hades, in the underworld, her mother would be stuck with sorrow and allow the vegetation to shrivel and die. This signified winter and death of vegetation. Hades, being the God of the Dead, not
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