Myth Of Perseus

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The myth of the Greek hero Perseus has many version. Over the years different movies have been made on the myth of Perseus and his adventures. One modern movie that adapted the myth of Perseus differently, it re interpreted and re created the myth of Perseus in order to tell the story with a modern style and with new adventures to attract the audience.
This movie deferential from the myth of Perseus in so many ways. One way that Percy Jackson movie is deferentially from the myth of Perseus is the parents of Perseus. In the myth of Perseus, his parents were Zeus god of the sky 's and the Argive princess Danae, daughter of Acrisius the king of Argos. Acrisius was told by the oracles that Danae 's son would someday kill him. In order to …show more content…

In the myth of Perseus, he was commanded by king Polyesters to be headed Gorgon Medusa in order to get rid of Perseus and marry his mother Danae. Gorgon Medusa was a monster with writhing snake hair who could turn anyone into stone when looked into her eyes. Perseus beheaded her by using the help of the gods who gave him winged sandals, an invisible helm, and a magical sword. Then he stole the eye of the ancient Graiai to compelled them to tell him where he could find Medusa, he beheaded her in her sleep to avoid looking at her in the eye. In the movie Percy does not intend to beheaded Medusa, he went on a journey to save his mother from Hades on the underworld. He was given a flying sneaker and a shield from Luke. In order to escape from the underworld, he would need three pearls, one of them was hidden in the shelter of Medusa which is how he made contact with her. Percy was able to behead her by looking at her reflects using a phone. Also in the myth Perseus when back with the head of Medusa and turn into stone king Polydectes and then gave the head to Athena to use in her shield but in the movie, he does not take the head of Medusa with

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