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In the '' Lightning Thief''' by Rick Riordan, Percy Jackson and his two friends Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood went on a quest with him, helping Percy to find the stolen lightning bold, and to retrieve Zeus lighting bold. Lightning Thief novel and film are fantasy and Greek mythology. Because Percy Jackson went on a quest to prevent a war against the gods Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. The novel and the film has many similarities, but there are so many differences that set the two apart. There are many similarities between the novel ''Lightning Thief '' and the film. One similarity is, all the charters are same and they are on a field tip at the Metropolitan Museum of art. A second similarity is Grover and Percy went to Half-Blood camp, and there they find new friend Annabeth, then they head off on their journey to find lightning bolt and return to Olympus, so Percy can get his mom back. This probably kept the same because Zeus lightning bolt was stolen. …show more content…

One difference is in the book Percy and Annabeth was 12 years old and in the movie Percy and Annabeth was17 years old. Annabeth has blue eyes and brown hair in the movie, but she has blonde hair and grey eyes in the book. And Luke mentions to meet his dad once in the book but in the film, he never met his dad. In the book, Grover has a limp but in the film, he has crutches. Another different is Mr. D does not appear in the film but is in charge of camp half-blood as a punishment. Also, perc does not be the flying shoes Luke gave him in the book and Grover wears them but in the film, Percy uses them to get a pearl and he uses them. In the book after Percy decapitates Medusa head he mails it to Olympus but in the film, they keep the head and use it on the Hydra

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