Percy Jackson And The Lighting Thief By Rick Riordan

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Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief is a nonfiction book, and is one out of five in the series. The book was written in 2005 by an author named Rick Riordan, who also published the series The Heroes of Olympus. The book tells a narrative of a hero through the use of mythology and tells a story of dangerous adventures Percy shares with his friends, Annabeth and Grover. Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief is apart of the monomyth because the book follows Joseph Campbell's Hero’s Journey. The hero figure in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief is Percy himself. Percy is a twelve year old boy that lives in Mattanah, New York. He lives with just his mom, Sally, and step dad Gabe in an old apartment, and Percy has never met his biological father. …show more content…

The Museum is where Percy discovers he is not a mortal , and during the trip his Latin teacher, Chiron, gives Percy a “pen”, which is actually a sword, and fights a monster called the Fury without realizing what the “thing” actually was. After the incident was over, everyone around Percy acts like nothing happened, so Percy pretends that nothing had happened either. Later that day Percy and his mom leaves for the beach, an annual trip that he and his mom always goes on. Throughout the beach trip a massive storm comes and Percy's friend Grover shows up, but not in human form, he shows up in his true mythological form which is a satyr, and tells Sally, Percy’s mom, that it is time to take Percy away now. So Percy, Sally, and Grover are driving to take Percy to the special place and Grover proceeds to tell Percy that everything he practically knows is a lie, that greek mythology actual does exist, that he’s a demigod, and that he is not safe where he currently is and has to go to Camp Half-Blood. Once Percy, Sally, and Grover approach Camp Half-Blood, a huge Minotaur shows up and tries to attack the whole crue. Unfortunately in the event of the Minotaur attacking, Percy’s mother gets captured and turned into dust at the last minute in order to save her son. Due to the distraction Percy and Grover makes a get away through the borders of the mortal world and into the supernatural …show more content…

Olympus with Zeus’s prize possession, the master lightning bolt, from Hades. In the event of Percy trying to retrieve the master bolt and clearing his name with the Gods, he was unable to bring his mother back from the Underworld. But in the meantime Percy was able to meet his father, Poseidon God of the sea, for the first time face to face. During the council meeting, Percy explained everything that happened to him and his friends on the quest to Zeus. In the end as a gift from Zeus for saving the master bolt, Zeus decides to spare the child's life, but Percy can no longer be in Zeus's domain or he will be shot right out of the sky. Not only was Percy’s life saved, but Hades also decided to bring Sally, Percy’s mother, back from the Underworld as a thank you to Percy for returning Hades helm back to

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