Percy Jackson: A. 2 Refusal Of The Call And Adventure

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Percy Jackson is a 12 year old dyslexic boy, who is studying at Yancy Academy. He is living with his mother Sally Jackson and stepfather Gabe Ugliano or “smelly gabe” he called. He is a troubled dyslexic boy that always got expelled in every school he was enrolled but when he reached 6th grade at Yancy Academy, unnatural things started to happen. Percy and his class went to the museum where Greek and Roman gods and goddesses statues, paintings and other stuff has to be found. And his call to Adventure started when his pre-Algebra Teacher, Mrs. Dodds told Percy to come with her and without knowing it Mrs. Dodds turned to be a fury and attempted to kill Percy but Mr. Brunner threw the pen or the riptide to Percy and when he uncapped the pen it became a sword and he swung the sword to her and then Mrs. Dodds vaporized.

A.2 Refusal of the Call / Acceptance

As always, in every story the hero always refuse because of the changes that might happen. In the case of Percy he doesn’t want to leave his mother especially with “smelly gabe” that the only thing he knows is to sit and gamble with his friends, but because of the attacked of the Minotaur and the disappearance of his mother, he eventually accepts the call.

A.3 Supernatural Aid

The supernatural aid in the story is his friend/satyr/protector Grover Underwood. Because even in the start of the story, Grover is there with him and protecting him in every challenges. And Annabeth Chase can also be a supernatural aid the
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