Najmah's 'Under The Persimmon Tree'

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(AGG) Refugee have been fleeing their homes in hope of safety, just like Najmah and the people in her villages leaving their homes in a time of danger. (BS-1) In the book Under the Persimmon tree when Najmah left her home for Peshawar to find her family she became a refugee when she left her home . (BS-2) Similarly, the difficulties refugees encounter on their journeys are similar to the ones Najmah experiences as a refugee. (BS-3) Finally education at camps or provided near camps is where Najmah meet Nusrat, if she never went to the second camp she would have not found Nusrat 's school which is later where she reunites with Nur. (TS) Information from the book Under the Persimmon tree is accurate about refugees and life at refugee camps which…show more content…
(SIP-A) The author uses accurate information about how dangerous it is for refugee to travel to safety. (STEWE-1) Before leaving Najmah is dressed as boy refugee for her own safety “you will be safer dressed as boy traveling through strange areas” (Staples 85). Traveling at this time is not only dangerous because of the fears of Talibans but also for females that both Najmah and Khalida has to disguise themselves as males. (STEWE-2) Not only under the Taliban 's rule women can not go out without a male relative but they also face dangers of being attacked in daily life, on the journey to refugee camps, and even at refugee camps “as darkness falls in the refugee camps, women in veils leave their tents to go to the toilet. They are vulnerable to attack in the dark and risk renal problems waiting for nightfall, but they cannot go out by day” (“Afghan refugee women at risk”). (SIP-B) The author uses this to connects to the dangers that Najmah is facing to to find her family as a refugee just like real refugees. (STEWE-1) Even on the journey with both Najmah and Khalida dressed as males they were still in danger if anyone found out. Najmah is told by Khalida if she ever speaks to her call her by the male form of her name Khalid and as Khalida again point out afterwards “It isn’t safe for a woman or a girl in a strange city” (Staples 90). Khalida and…show more content…
(SIP-A) This connects to how in reality some refugee camps offer a education for refugee children just like how all the students at Nusrat 's school are from a refugee camp. (STEWE-1) When Nusrat addresses were her students all are brought from she says that “Haroon found each of Nusrat 's students in the refugee camp” (Staples 73). Again this clearly shows that even if refugee camps do not offer schools, people like Nusrat can offer an education outside of their refugee camp. (STEWE-2) Furthermore this is accurate information about some refugee children getting an education because according to the article “in 1984, the UNHCR asked the camp administration to establish schools for refugee children” ("Afghan refugee women of Kot Chandna”). (SIP-B) Again this connects to how if Najmah never went to the second refugee camp she would have never gone to Nusrat 's school and found her brother when he was brought there. (STEWE-1) When Najmah goes to the second refugee camp and meets Haroon, he is the reason she meet Nusrat “first,” says the malek, “we should find you a place to stay. Do you go to school?” (Staples 184). Nusrat not only helps Najmah heal after Najmah’s losses but later on in the book Nur is brought to Nusrat 's school by Haroon and without education being apart of some refugee camps Najmah goal of finding her family

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