Nancy Mairs 'Empathy Exams And On Being A Cripple'

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The mindset have many different ways to affect the Illness. Having an inferiority complex could pull you down really deep. Lying could help to avoid the truth, so they can defense themselves or hide their anxiety. Positive thinking could help to take a step forward. Imaging the pain could affect the brain so you can sympathize the pain. Nancy Mairs in, “On Being a Cripple,” she tried to tell a story about how she’s positively trying to live as an ordinary human life even her disability prevent it. Leslie Jamison in, “The Empathy Exams,” she is telling about how the mindset affect their body, and the mindset can help people’s mind to comfort themselves. Depends on how you think, affect you whether in good ways or bad ways. Inferiority complex …show more content…

In “The Empathy Exam,” Leslie Jamison. She wrote about one of a psychologist’s test and the test tells that imagining pain could affect our body. The author writes, “Jean Decety, a psychologist at the University of Chicago, use fMRI scans to measure what happens when someone’s brain responds to another person’s pain. He shows test subjects images of painful situations (hand caught in scissors, foot under door) and compares these scans to what a brain looks like when its body is actually in pain. Decety has found that imagining the pain of others activates the same three areas (prefrontal cortex, anterior insula, and anterior singulate) as experiencing pain itself” (26-27). People sympathize with pain. When people watch the painful situation, they don’t feel the pain exactly, but they can sympathize the pain. The brain activate same as you are feeling the pain when you imagining the pain of others. The test tells that imaging pain activate the brain to create the pain and sympathize it. I believe the mental affect the body in so many different ways. I think this test tells sympathize is the quickest way to impact the body. Positive mindset affect the illness, life or anything positively, negative mindset affect

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