Susan Hillyer's The Social Construction Of Disability

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In “The Social Construction of Disability,” Susan Wendell briefly discusses how the fast pace of American life impacts the social construction of disability through an inability for people with “disabilities” to maintain expectations of a high-performance level. Wendell also claims that the pace of life causes disability in many people’s lives, but quickly moves on to another topic, referencing chapter four of Barbara Hillyer’s Feminism and Disability in the footnotes as a place for more information on this argument. In Hillyer’s chapter “Productivity and Pace,” she writes to the feminist and disability communities, analyzing how the pace of life affects them both in similar ways. Through an analysis of how people with disabilities are forced to set their own daily pace, Hillyer hopes to encourage others to learn about the necessity of slowing down. Throughout the chapter,…show more content…
People with disabilities and their caretakers are often criticized for being unable to maintain a high focus on productivity. However, Hillyer emphasizes the benefits that this slow pace allows, such as the additional time for introspection that she compares to the feminist process of self-centering. Hillyer finds this needed slow pace to be especially difficult in the intersectionality between the disability and feminist communities, as women are expected to be “superwomen” who can be both independent and caretakers. Hillyer focuses on the similarities in these two communities and how their different approach to life can translate into readers’ lives. Hillyer starts by discussing the pressure

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