Nancy Pelosi Women In Politics

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Analysis: Nancy Pelosi Nancy Pelosi, the U.S. House Minority Speaker, is a pioneer for women in politics. Having exposure to politics at an early age, Pelosi developed a political prowess and progressive agenda that would help identify and solidify her position in the predominantly male sphere that is politics. Throughout her career, Pelosi has established herself as the first woman to accomplish many positions in politics, ‘paving the way’ for many women eager to enter politics. Nancy Pelosi’s strong influence on women in politics makes her story an important one when attempting to explain women’s experiences in the political sphere such as their paths to office, voting habits, campaigning strategies, etc. There are many factors for women deciding to run for an official position, including but not limited to political socialization as a child, self-esteem levels, team orientation, the media representation and portrayal of women, and political literary as an adult. By examining Nancy Pelosi’s upbringing and career path, we can expose many patterns and traits that may propel a woman’s likeliness toward running for office someday. This exposure can…show more content…
Could it perhaps be attributed to media agendas and the portrayal and representation of women in the media? Pelosi is an identified feminist, and has been a consistent voice in speaking out against the sexist framework that invalidates women’s importance and visibility when holding positions of power. Pelosi has reported being caught in the double bind that is all too familiar to women in politics and corporations (Spring, 2012). The media tends to report on women based on a masculine standard or expectation. When a woman of power meets these standards, she is portrayed as frigid or butch, while if she fails to meet masculine expectations, she is portrayed as weak, too feminine, and not good enough for the
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