Argumentative Essay On Women In Leadership

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Over the past 40 years defenders of women’s right have worked hard to assure growth of women's careers, trying to contest what is attribute as ‘the glass ceiling’ which is the invisible barriers that control woman from rising to top positions in corporate context. From the mid-90s European Government firms and private and public organizations have pursued a suit, bringing the recruitment of women at the upper levels of companies. The increasing prominence of leaders like Carly Fiorina, Hillary Clinton, and Condoleezza Rice accentuate the development in gender roles over the last half century. In the first paragraph I will discuss what do you need to be a successful leader and also about how women rises in organizational structures and practices, …show more content…

It is a challenge for organizations to advance, maintain and promote talented women. A strategic combination of individual advancement and a foundational change in mind-set could be the solution, and additionally a survey and in some cases a confirmation of organizational culture. The entry of women in to leadership should be enhanced so as to change the states of mind and the culture of development industry to draw in more skilled leaders with diversity. Hence not just the development business or the other stakeholders who impact women’s career but also the women concerned should take the concern to defeat their own barriers for entry into leadership positions in management. The acknowledgement of ‘soft skills’ to women has both positive and negative ramifications for women. From one perspective, it might serve to raise the status and value of women in management but it additionally works in ways that add to women’s underestimation in management. In this manner ladies need to be more practical and important supporters of the senior management in development, not by doing low- paid work on essential jobs, pushing through the ‘glass walls’ to become leaders in their own particular

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