Essay On Gender Stratification In The Workplace

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Gender Stratification in The Workplace Over the years, women have fought their way through the various barriers thrown at them by society, they are now more educated, matching male participation rates in the labour force and they are seen to create more opportunities for themselves in the workplace. Despite these achievements, gender stratification still exists in organizations and corporations in the 21st century; this paper seeks to analyze the numerous reasons why women remain underrepresented in leadership positions in the workplace and how this causes a trickle-down effect for other females in non-managerial positions. One of the major factors influencing the progress women experience in their career advancement stems from the deep cultural-infused gender stereotypes associated …show more content…

In the second decade of the 21st century, the few women that make it to the top as still seen as “the exception” and according to research this is a “pipeline problem”. Overall, women form a significant part of the labour force, but the pipeline breaks somewhere between middle management and the c-suite (the top executives). This break in the pipeline is caused by various issues including organizations failing to recognize and identify their own glass ceilings and developing appropriate solutions that not only destroy the glass ceiling but also rectify their leadership pipelines. Most importantly, the presence of high-status female managers has a huge impact on gender inequality in the workplace, women in positions of authority get to make decisions on issues including gender pay gap and diversified hiring practices. However, this break in the pipeline limits women’s access to leadership positions and “employees just don’t see enough women in leadership positions at their companies” (Coffman,

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