Mindful Sociological Mindfulness: A Personal Journey By Luis Contreras

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Exploring Mindful Sociological Mindfulness: A Personal Journey by Luis Contreras I am usually not actively engaged with various social issues, except for those related to racial injustices and the challenges faced by employees during and after the Covid-19 pandemic, as they directly affected the people around me. However, I strive to remain aware of the social issues that occur daily, although it can be challenging to keep up with all of them. Recently, I became aware of the issue of gender inequality in the workplace through my fiancé's experience during her raise period at her job in the Phoenix Police Department. Witnessing her colleague, who had the same education and experience, receive more frequent and higher raises than her compelled …show more content…

The U.S. Department of Labor (U.S. Department of Labor, n.d.) provided valuable statistics that revealed significant disparities in pay and opportunities between genders. This data highlighted the importance of addressing not only pay inequality but also non-promotional tasks and biases that hinder women from obtaining leadership roles. I delved into academic articles, reports, and news sources to uncover the root causes and consequences of gender inequality. This research deepened my knowledge and equipped me with a better understanding of how to approach this …show more content…

I believe that through the knowledge and experiences gained, I have the power to dissent against gender inequality, whether it affects me personally or those around me. Just as I opposed the views of managers during my first job and supported my fiancé in challenging unfair treatment, dissent becomes a powerful force when backed by research and personal experiences. Although dissent can be intimidating, it is essential to address and confront gender inequality head-on. Thank you for coming through with my journey. Even though we might not be conscious about the decisions we take, social change is for everyone and anyone. Sometimes just exposing these social issues can show any individual what they have done to try and resolve them. I know I will be from this day forth be conscious about the gender inequality I partake in the workplace, or any area in life. Works Cited BBC. (2022, March 8). Why women struggle for equality at work - BBC News. Retrieved from

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