Persuasive Essay On Feminism

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What modern feminists refuse to admit is that feminism is only one side of a two-sided coin of inequality. A “movement” that advocates for the rights of one gender over another is sexist and unequal by nature. If feminists were striving for equality, then they wouldn’t be FEMinists. Being feminist, simply put, means that you want women to not only be equal to, but greater than men.. Thus, I believe that feminism is a poorly made masquerade to cover women’s desire to control men. No one can deny that it was necessary for people like Betty Friedan in the ’50s and Gloria Steinem in the ’60’s. ( Olson, Marie “Finding our way” Aug 2017)Their movements were necessary for women to achieve equality amongst all people. But feminists won’t stop at equality. They want total sovereignty over the opposite sex. Every year feminists assault men (unprovoked) and act as if men are the entirety of the reason for any problem that they may encounter, and act as if men have none. With quotes like “You never hear of women raping men! It is always young women, young, innocent, little girls, who get raped by these misogynistic pigs”- Robin Morgan, leader of the “man hater” organization (BrainyQuote). I personally have never even heard of misogynism being a required trait for a rapist ( Who obviously has to be male). Feminists act as if young boys don’t experience sexual assault either. Feminists act entitled to rights that even men don’t have, and “speak for women” as if they know the wants and

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