Feminism In Saving Sourdi

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Feminists just want to prove that there is more a woman can do than taking care of a house or children. These women would like to expand their limitations that society keeps them in, “These limitations of Feminism bemoans and urges women to break through. It laments that a woman, by looking forward matrimony, should diminish her interest in her factory work. It would reverse condition: make wage earning permanent and marriage transient, salary the major and children the minor interest (Martin 42).” Feminism by engaging the mother in daily occupation for wages outside the home, would make comprehensive that separation between mother and child which, unhappily, is common among the frivolous rich (Martin 197).” Feminism has a sort of double hero …show more content…

Being a feminist is another way for a woman to defend herself. In the beginning of the story, Nea narrates how Sourdi attempts to do an indirect act of feminism, “The men…were our only customers…one of them staggered up and put his arm across Sourdi’s shoulders. He called her his “China doll,” and his friends hooted at this. Sourdi looked distressed and tried to remove his arm…She said, “Please,”… (Chai 137).” Feminism now advocates raising “the age of consent” to eighteen than the existing law protects under sixteen, or for that matter, protects the girl of twelve. In spite of this, law can do little or nothing. In this case, Sourdi is being objectified through the example that the man claims her as a “China Doll.” Feminism is against women being evaluated like property and trophies. The man, who put his arm around Sourdi, and his friends, are ignorant and cannot comprehend why feminism is necessary. As stated earlier, those who fail to see the purpose of feminism are unreasoning by ignorance. Those people do not respect women; therefore, they do not respect the idea and concept of …show more content…

Nea is disappointed and shocked that Sourdi doesn’t want feminism, “”… You don’t have to live like this. Ma is wrong. You can be anything, Sourdi.” (Chai 148).” Nea desperately wants Sourdi to be exposed to feminism. She wants Sourdi to know that she can have the freedom she wants in order to achieve her dreams. As previously explained, marriage may seem to ruin a woman’s dreams and future achievements, but that is not the case in feminism. Feminism is important in every aspect in everyone’s life. However, feminism seems to be an idealistic concept to those like Sourdi and her mother. Nea tries to insists that Sourdi doesn’t have to do the assigned ‘gender roles’, ““I have to go. The baby, she’s hungry you know.” “Let him handle it.” (Chai 144).” Nea is independent and wants Sourdi to be the same. However, since their mom is to be looked as a role model, Sourdi believe her mother’s ideas and concepts do not need to be related or involved with feminism. In the end, feminism is rejected in Nea’s mother and sister’s

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