Sheryl Sandberg Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders

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In her widely watched 2010 TED talk “Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders” (currently with more than 1.5 million views) Sheryl Sandberg, currently Chief Operating Officer of Facebook (and the first woman to serve on Facebook's board) and formerly Vice President at Google, shares her experience of being one of the rare women in top global management positions and offers advice to women who would like to succeed in their corporate careers. In the 15-minute video, Sandberg asks how we can fix the problem of having too few women in top leadership positions in spite of many advances in women’s rights being made. She argues that the solution lies with women themselves, as individuals, and the messages they need to tell themselves and their daughters. This entails three steps: (1) ‘sit at the table’, meaning women should negotiate for themselves more assertively and stop underestimating their abilities; (2) ‘make your partner a real partner’ and establish shared/equal responsibilities between partners at home (i.e. with raising children and housework); and (3) ‘don’t ‘leave’ before you leave’, which means continuing to work at the best of your abilities (i.e. ‘leaning in’ instead of ‘leaning back’ when the possibility of having a child is entertained) until …show more content…

In her essay “Justice, Gender and the Family”, she claims that the prevailing theories of justice exclude the system of gender and the traditional family as settings where justice standards should also be applied, resulting to family issues negatively impacting women’s equality of opportunity. Justice in the family is necessary for justice in greater society to happen. Okin believes that gender inequalities should be addressed legislatively, such as anti-discrimination employment laws and paid maternity

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