Narrative Essay: Who Is The Assistant Captain?

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Justin Case stood outside the Athletic Director’s office, bouncing on the balls of his feet with glee. He checked the corridors for teachers, and on finding none he quickly slipped into the gym and unfolded the letter the Athletic Director gave him, “Mr. Justin Case of class 2016 has been selected as the school representative to the Annual McDonald’s All-American game which will take place in Los Angeles on the second Saturday of August. He is requested to collect the required material from the faculty in-charge Mr. Bobby Valentino.” Coach Valentino wasn’t high up on his “favorites” list, but if a small conversation with him will be succeeded by his taking part in the biggest high school game of the year, then who’s complaining? He quickly folded the letter and put it into his pocket before checking what time it…show more content…
The group captain! Who’s the group captain?” “Sir! I am asking about the assistant captain! What is the name of the assistant captain?” “That’s right!” “What?” “Yes of course!” “What are you saying?” “What is the name of the assistant captain!” “How would I know! You were supposed to tell me!” “So, I am telling you!” Justin punched his fist into the palm of his other hand, his patience dying an untimely death. “Sir, what’s going on?” he asked wearily. “What is the name of the assistant captain!” he answered yet again, though he could see beads of perspiration on his forehead due to agitation. Justin sighed. “Let’s leave out the assistant captain for now. Who’s the charge person?” “No! Who’s the group captain!” “What?” “What is the name of the assistant captain!” “I don’t know!” “That’s the name of the charge-person!” “What is the name of the charge-person?” “No. What is the name of the assistant captain!” “I don’t know!” “Are you trying to be smart here, kid?” “Okay okay,” he said, running his fingers through his hair. It would take a lot more than deep breaths to calm him down. “Let’s start one by one. From the beginning. Name of the group
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