Natasha Trethewey's 'Out, Out'

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Poems can be difficult to understand. If readers would learn the different literary devices, what they are, and how they are used in poems, they will have a better understanding of the poems they read. Learning how to pick out the meaning of a poem and the tone of a poem go hand in hand in understanding what the poem is about. There are two meanings to a poem, which causes confusion for readers. The first meaning, is the total meaning. The total meaning is the overall concept of experience. The second meaning, is the prose meaning. The prose meaning is what can be understood and paraphrased. The tone of the poem is the emotional meaning that displays the poets attitude toward the topic or audience. The meaning of the poem “Out, Out” by Robert Frost is about a young boy that is using a buzz saw and ends up cutting his hand off. In result, the young boy dies. The family seems to not care and just goes back to their affairs. Robert Frost wrote a lot about war, this poem could also have a meaning about war. Young boys were sent off to war and often died. The soldiers would have to keep …show more content…

This poem was quite easier to understand. The meaning of this poem is to give the readers a history lesson about segregation and how things do change over time but some things remain the same. This is shown through the photograph of the Grandmother and the photograph of the young girl. They both were taken on the beautiful Mississippi beach, which remained the same. The Grandmothers were taken during segregation where she had to stand on a narrow plot of sand labeled colored. The young girls were taken after the beach was opened to everyone and there was no longer a segregation, which shows the readers things do change over time. The tone of the poet seems to be happy and peaceful. The poet tells about the characters smiling and being on the beautiful beach and how there is no longer

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