National Honor Society Character Analysis

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Many posses the commitment to the qualities of scholarship, leadership, service, and character, but how one uses them shows the core of their disposition. For each of these qualities, there are many traits, useful in a leader, and not. Since it is only my second year as a student at Carlsbad High School, there has not been much time of my being distracted from my school work as I try to be as diligent of a student as possible. However, from time to time, I take a break and do things for the community instead. The students that make up the National Honor Society are extremely dedicated in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character, and I would be very grateful to be a part of the standards. Over the past few years, …show more content…

Along with being a leader, adaptability and the ability to change something is an important aspect of of being an effective leader. For example, in a volleyball match, we do not always get a perfect pass or play so we sometimes have to do whatever it takes to just keep the ball in play and get it onto the other side. Being able to change according to what is given is an important trait. However, being able to change one's ways for the better as a whole does not imply backing down to what you believe in or letting others manipulate you into thinking like them. Having the ability to persist and be dependable is the outcome of a strong character and someone who is capable of being a leader for others. In order for people to listen to someone, confidence is needed so people know how serious you are about what you are doing and how much of a leader you are. When I was an assistant for the State Junior Lifeguards Program, I would occasionally have to be strict especially when I was helping the younger kids because the instructing lifeguards had to be able to trust me to do the right thing with the kids. Confidence, consistency, and adaptability are a few key qualities that make up a strong character fit for the National Honor

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