Native American Stereotypes In Sports

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For the past few decades there has been a debate raging in American sports culture about the use of Native American names in sports. Teams like the Washington Redskins and several other professional and college teams have been criticized for using Native American names as mascots and team names. Some people criticize the names and say that it’s offensive and demeaning and should be changed. Others say that the names honor Native American heritage have been a team tradition for many years and should not be changed. Sports teams should not use Native American names as trademarks or mascots because they promote negative stereotypes of Native Americans in society. These stereotypes reinforce negative views of Native Americans in society. These stereotypes can harm Native Americans by keeping these stereotypes alive in society. This creates negative impacts on Natives when they see these stereotypes . First , Native American names should not be used in sports because they promote negative views of Native …show more content…

Other teams around the nation have gotten rid of the symbols that are offensive.According to the Syracuse University archives the athletic teams used to be named after an offensive Native American stereotype called the Orangemen . After decades of criticism the university decided to change it’s name to just simply the Orange. The school rebrand was seen as an attempt to remove the negative and stereotypical depiction of Native Americans . Despite this the school continues to uphold their traditions without the name. Other schools have done the same throughout the nation as well removing their offensive symbols. According to USA several schools have made the change . This shows that schools are starting to realize that these symbols are offensive and demeaning and are coming around on this

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