Native Americans: The Relationship Between Perrot And His Man

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As I mentioned before many Native Americans understood each other’s politics and cultural. But, even so there was still strife between many tribes in different areas and having outsiders involved made things become even more of a quagmire. Perrot and his men were often referred to as middle ground person. Perrot and his men were often referred to as middle ground person. There was peace for some time, “like the French, the peoples of the middle ground saw opportunity in the evolving social world of the western interior, a place of abundant and increasingly accessible resources” (227). Trade was something that was vital part for both these communities the French and the Native Americans. Most times when you are trading you need to communicate with others, which is another interesting aspect of the time. Relationships were forged in order to profit from one another, but also there was a social aspect to this. Communication is key and with communication comes a social relationship as well. Within these two groups the Anishinaabeg were able to make a peaceful relationship with these two groups. But of course Perrot only wanted what was best for him and in turn helps his career in advancement. As Perrot was arriving from Iowa he noticed two men standing from the bay waiting for him to arrive. From here these two men …show more content…

He went further to say that they had so much trust for him that they looked up to him as a father and that he would ruin his relationship with them all for trade. Perrot in return suggested and pledged that if the “Dakota refused to obey him and “came in war against them,” Perrot pledged, he would declare them an enemy” (228). But even if Perrot did try to forge peace with these groups he knew that even if he were to make peace happen with the Dakota it would be hard to do so for him because he did not have the requirements to do

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