Native Son Textual Analysis

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With every stereotype comes the affect that it places upon the people that are forced to hear and eventually believe the stereotypes that they are presented with everyday. In the article The Development of Math-Race Stereotypes: 'They Say Chinese People Are the Best at Math', by; Dario Cvencek, Na’ilah Nasir, Andrew Meltzoff, Kathleen O’Connor, and Sarah Waschnia, they tell the tale on how the stereotypes have an effect on the younger kids. On page 630, it tells how the racial stereotype stigma is prevalent in the United States. With a growing epidemic this large and this severe there could only be one true way to vanquish this problem, as stated earlier if we truly want to rid the world of the harsh stereotypes within races then we must start …show more content…

In the novel Native Son by Richard Wright, on page 331. It was told by the white people that they enjoy it when black people murder other black people because that meant it was one less black that the white people had to deal with. This shows out a cry for help with the African American community because with all of them killing each other they are just feeding into the sick games that the white people want them to do, which will ultimately cause an uproar with the community of African Americans with them trying to get each other to stop the murder and even with the Caucasian community with the ones that do not approve going against those that are in favor and in support of what happens when a black kills a …show more content…

A piece of evidence that holds to this truth is evident in Native Son and the story of Loeb and Leopold. Loeb and Leopold were a couple of wealthy white citizens, who abducted their neighbor in order to pursue a ransom that they had set out to get. Upon getting captured by the law, in order to avoid fatal punishments, they pleaded and insanity plea, on which they avoided death but instead received a life sentence plus 99 years. Even though it can be foolish on one’s end to base your crimes upon someone’s that you had heard about, Bigger Thomas had based him crime off of those of Loebs and Leopold's, and even though he did follow their crimes pretty close, and even plead the same insanity plea that Loeb and Leopold had plead, but as always the color of our skin will always have a role to play in the way that things turn out for us. In the end Bigger Thomas just could not replicate the same sentence that was granted upon Loeb and Leopold and because Bigger was a poor, black man. Instead of receiving life plus 99 years he inturned received the death

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