Natural Gas Introduction

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The rapid development of technology to increase the Earth's population has meant an increase in oil production. The man began to expand its facilities with a view to increasing production. The Conventional deposits began running out. New surveys took place in exploration of hydrocarbons. Many unconventional reserves hitherto impossible to be extracted. With new technologies the humans succeeded to reach deeper into the earthly formations which until recently was unapproachable by simply drilling machines. New fields were discovered big and small. Many countries that until recently had not even Own their reserves entered in the oil market and now they play a major role in the global market of hydrocarbons.
The discovery of new
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It is one of the purest, harmless, and best suitable of all energy sources. The natural gas in its pure form is colorless, odorless and without shape. Natural gas is exists in deep underground rock formations or related with further hydrocarbon reservoirs. Principal characteristic of natural gas is that it is inflammability and when burned emit large quantities of energy with fewer emissions. Compared to others conventional fuels the natural gas has cleaner combustion and leaves on combustion less harmful gases. Natural gas is used widely for the production of electricity, for heating the home, cooking and many other uses. The above uses the living room by a list of the relevant value of human existence in the 21st century. [1] It is also used as fuel for cars and as a chemical feedstock in the construction of plastics and further commercially significant organic chemicals. It is a non-renewable…show more content…
Biogenic gas is generated by methanogenic bacteria in landfills, bogs, marshes, and shallow sedimentary basins where there are sediments mainly marls and sandstones. Deeper in the earth, at greater temperature and pressure, thermogenic gas is created from buried dead organic material. [4] Fig. 1.1: Use of natural gas for cooking. [12]
History of Natural Gas
The first use of gas due to the historical data was made by the Chinese in 1000 BC. [3] The locals in the area Szechwan of China made the first drilling by using bamboo, achieved to descend hundreds of feet down the earth to get natural gas. Also they succeeded to transport the natural gas by using bamboo pipelines and blend it with air to produce a practical source of fuel for fires. Reports on impressions of natural gas there were and ancient Greece on Mount Parnassus around 1000 B.C. under the Burning sources form which rise from the depth of the earth. [8]

Fig. 1.1: The Oracle at Delphi, Greece.

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