Negative Essay: Is Competition Good Or Bad?

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Is competition good or bad? While most students in schools think it is good, I disagree with them. I believe competition is bad. Many students around the world are overly competitive. This can have many negative effects on them and the other students they are competing against. Competition is bad whether it is academic or extracurricular, like in sports or clubs. Even though there are a few reasons it is good, the reasons it is bad outweigh the good reasons. I believe competition is bad because, it can stir up fights with people, it can put too much stress on the students, and a lot of students do not like it when they have to compete with people.
In the first place, I believe competition is bad because it can start fights. If a group of friends go against each other in competition, they could start to argue and it could get out of hand. Because of this, some people could lose some of their …show more content…

If someone that did not do well with competition was in a competition, it could start stressing them out. Studies have shown that too much stress put on someone can negatively affect their mental health. It is important for students to be mentally healthy because it affects their school work depending on if they are or not. In addition to this, if the stress of the competition is too much for students their grades would drop. If a student is stressed out by all of the competition, they probably couldn’t focus on all of their school work and their grades would start to drop some. This would not be good because we all know how important grades are to some people. Competition would also consume most of the students’ time. If a student truly wanted to win a competition, they would probably lose too much of their free time and that would probably just stress them out even more. This is just another reason why we should not have as much competition surrounding

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