Neil Hamilton's Impact On American Social Leaders And Activists

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Matthew AlayRamirez, Jonathan Chicas, Gustavo Gonzalez, Jackie Rodriguez H Contemporary Comp. Ms. Nellon #1 (Chicas) Hamilton, Neil A. ?Malcolm X.? American Social Leaders and Activists, Second Edition, Facts On File, 2017. History, Accessed 6 May 2018. Neil Hamilton?s book about ,as the title of the book suggests, American Social Leaders and Activists provides an insight into Malcolm?s early life and in his later years how he became a criminal. He also describes the conversion of Malcolm to the nation of Islam and his rise as one of the major activists in the Civil Rights Movement up until his death when he was making a speech. While talking about the life of Malcolm X Hamilton consistently relates his …show more content…

More specifically this helps the focus of the project by offering insight into Malcolm?s militant approach which can then be contrasted to Martin Luther King?s approach. It also provides insight into how the Nation of Islam had an influence on Malcolm?s ideology. #3 (Gonzalez) Malcolm X addresses a rally in Harlem in New York City on June 29, 1963. In this rally it was the biggest African American rally that has ever been attended. Here Malcolm X talks about the discrimination and how African Americans have never been seen more than anything than just their skin color. He also made it clear that he wasn?t there as a democrat or a republican he wasn?t even there as an American because if he was the problem wouldn?t exist. Malcolm also continues how everything is so reliant on the white man and how that is not a good thing and change is necessary. #4 (Gonzalez) Malcolm X MALCOLM X COLLAGE TRIBUTE / MOHAMMED HAMZA

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