Malcolm X And Maya Angelou Analysis

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Change. It only comes to those who work for it. And even then, it is not so simple. There are specific people, like gems, hidden in the population waiting for their moment to sparkle and aid those who have the greatest need for it. Bibliographies and various sources can tell us about their childhood: what they liked to do, what they were like, and how they grew up. It seems impossible that these people, who were so brave, courageous and important in the face of danger and injustice, were just normal kids. Being able to spot and pinpoint the characteristics that make these great leaders, may contribute not only to how they are raised and treated, but also what morals we can instill in the future generations to create more of the hopeful, brave and curious. Malcolm X’s and Maya Angelou’s childhood, exemplify lack of self regulation, appreciation of beauty and love of learning. Malcolm X’s realization that he was being held back by the color of his skin pushes him to fight for fairness. Unable to see that he had to be “in your place” in society, he was uncomfortable and in some instances restless among white people. All of his hard work seemed to be counteracted by the fact that he was an African American and therefore can never achieve a status or perform in as …show more content…

Malcolm X desired to be a lawyer, but was shut down by his teacher because it was not a ‘reasonable’ career path for a African American. His change in behavior was noticed immediately as he described that class a “physical strain.” Taking away his passion, his learning, affect and infiltrated all aspects of his life. This love, though fractured for a little while, eventually resurfaced. While he did not become a lawyer, he did bring justice. This passion to learn and to change what is not right, eventually swayed

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