Reflection Paper On Malcolm X

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When I first read about the Malcolm X, it reminds me on some of the Sahabat of Prophet Muhammad that had made so many sacrifices in order to spread the truth of Islam. From the first paragraph I have read about this man, I can see that he had gone through a hard life for being isolated because of the skin color. Of course, in these days, being racist is such unacceptable thing to do regardless the religion. If we take this matter from the moral perspective, racist is injustice act and this will lead to violation of human rights. Racist also might lead the extremist to be more aggressive and the safety of the country is somehow has been unsafe. Therefore, starting on today, we should respect each other, understand others’ beliefs and spread the Islam not by force or not based on the skin color. Besides, in Malcolm X biography, I learnt that, an extraordinary person has an extraordinary characteristics. Like Malcolm X, whenever he has been an orphan at the young age, but he never stop to learn and study. Instead of crying and be depressed with his lost, he continued to study. But, as a human being, he is also easily influenced by what others said about him. Because he think too much on what had been said by his teacher, he drop out the school and started to do some dirty business. Well, in this situation, it teaches me that even a legend person like Malcolm X are once easily distorted by the words of the people around him. Compared to whom we are now,

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