Nelson-Mandela Role Model

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Task-1 Short-Answer
Nelson-Mandela is-a role-model for-many folks around the world. He has-inspired-and motivated-a generation-of people,-who was, or-even is-fighting for-human rights. With-his solid work-in South Africa, against-the system-Apartheid, the-whole world knew-who he-was. That is-because he-brought justice,-even though-he served-most of-his life in jail.
I think-that Nelson-is one of-the greatest-champions for-liberty the world-has seen. With-his speeches,-letters,-and politic,-he did-not only-win the-South Africans harts, but-the-whole worlds.-In addition, that-was a great-thing. Because what-happens with-a supressed people, when-they get inspired? They-fight back.-Moreover, Nelson Mandela-created this,-he started this. He-was-born
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No matter-what colour-a person has,-all people are-worth the same.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr says-in his-speech, “I have a dream”:
-“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of the skin but by the content of their character”
I think-this sentence says-very much. It-isn’t-not the-colour that defines the person, it is-the personality.
The language he-uses is strengthening the-massage in the-speech. However, I think-Luther King is building-his speech around the-terms honour and-respect. Some words-are repeating itself, for example-equal,-freedom-and-justice. Furthermore, he is-also building on the true meaning-of the nation-origin, to be-self-evident: That all humans-are been created-equal.
Not only is-he using-places like Georgina-and Mississippi to describe that the-worst places can, and not if only has already, been changed, he is also using-religion to reunite-the people. Moreover, the final touch-on the speech is that he-uses his family. It-shows that it-is-also very personal-for Luther King Jr. The-speech-gets more
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It does-not matter-if I try to make-an effort.” Did you-know that all change in this world has to start in the little things-we do? Did you-know that all who-tries to make an effort has-done a change? In-addition, I do not think-about saving the-earth or rescuing a whole-nation. I think about the-small changes, that we-do not see. It-is the-small steps, the-little change that is the most important. If we-put all the small steps-together, we get a big step. Imagine-this:
A middle-range person,-normal-height,-normal weight, is-going to lift an-enormous rock. Most-likely, he cannot-make it. Nevertheless, let us say there were a thousand-middle-range persons. Now, do you think-they could lift-it? This has also-something to do with change. Sometimes, one person cannot do-all by him or-himself. Sometimes several-persons have to co-operate to-make an effort. Do you think-that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr-or Nelson Mandela did-all-by-themselves? Well, they were-the leading role in their-conflicts. However, both of them used-people. The inspired-and motivated them. On top of that, the people-were demonstrating. They even-fought
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