The Pros And Cons Of Net Neutrality

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As some of us might know there has been a passionate debate on the issue of the net neutrality in which there is strong feelings on both sides of the debate. Net neutrality is the idea government should regulate the internet so that the major telecommunications companies won’t be able to turn the internet landscape into a monopoly. This paper will examine both sides of the net neutrality debate in which the content of this paper will explore both the pro and cons of net neutrality. At the end of the paper I will reveal my true thoughts about net neutrality and will discuss what I have learned about this issue in the process. Some of the pros of net neutrality include easy access to information, promotion of free speech and promoting innovation for smaller internet companies. The first net neutrality pro that will be discussed is that it allows for easy access to information. Many of us that use the internet knows how easy it is to access information so that we can stay informed and up to date on current events, do research or finding other things of importance. It’s particularly important that elementary school children in the 21st century have access to the internet because much of their …show more content…

The first con of net neutrality is that it will prevent competition in the free market. If the internet is regulated by the government that will stifle the free market because if every company if forced to compete on a level playing then the best business won’t be able to rise to the cream of the crop through natural competition. If one ISP raises their prices then that person can just switch over to the company with cheaper rates. A free market is healthy not only for businesses but for the overall economy as well because it will force other companies to have step their game up in order

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